Daily Archives: February 19, 2008

Moving beyond the status quo: Hexavalent Chromium, a New Standard

Heather Carter Seal
Metals Analyst
QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Is it just me or does it seems like everyday looking around our world, we are finally taking much needed steps to move beyond our status quo? From the move to organic meat and produce, the way we power our homes or our cars, our attitudes toward tobacco…things, they are a-changing. And yet it seems as though we are moving reluctantly forward. Cigarettes have long been known to cause cancer but only in recent years have actions (read as lawsuits) by individuals and our government taken the necessary steps to move forward: providing incentive plans to those who want to quit, protecting our indoor air quality and thus our national health. In a similar way, with the threat to our economy and national security we are only now seriously and begrudgingly looking forward, beyond petroleum, for a way to power our automobiles. We are many years past the gasoline shortages of 1976, but the fuel economy of our cars and that increasingly common pain in our wallets is finally leading us to drive smaller more fuel efficient and even hybrid vehicles. This too is the story of hexavalent chromium exposure for workers all over our United States.…..

You can download the entire paper in .pdf format from the link below.

Hex Chrome White Paper