Daily Archives: May 25, 2013

Hospital Tells Patients about Possible Asbestos Exposure

By Pat Guth, http://www.mesothelioma.com

Officials at Strong Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center, prompted by a story aired on a local TV station, made the decision to inform recent patients that they may have been exposed to asbestos during demolition work at the facility’s rehabilitation unit.

A news story outlining the situation first appeared on Your News Now Rochester late last week. Prior to that, the hospital had pretty much kept the situation quiet. But after the story explained how asbestos materials were disturbed during demolition inside the former Blood and Bone Marrow Wing, now a rehab area, the hospital decided they needed to disclose the details to those who could have been exposed to the toxic dust during their stay.

Letters have now been mailed to patients who were at Strong Hospital during the demolition. The letter stated that “having recently been treated on the rehab unit at Strong Memorial Hospital [they] may have been subjected to a small, and short, exposure to asbestos.” It goes on to explain that asbestos was found on the drywall and other surfaces in or near the demolition area.

The hospital apologized to these individuals for causing concern about asbestos exposure and the diseases linked with this exposure and stated that asbestos protocols would be improved.