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The day slime mold invaded my front yard

English: Dog Vomit Slime Mold or Scrambled Egg...

English: Dog Vomit Slime Mold or Scrambled Egg Slime Fuligo septica, Family: Physaridae, Location: Germany, Biberach Deutsch: Gelbe Lohblüte oder Hexenbutter Fuligo septica, Familie: Physaridae, Fundort: Deutschland, Biberach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


By Jenny Marder, http://www.pbs.org


About a week ago, we noticed an intruder in our front yard — a vivid yellow, blob-like substance that appeared to be invisibly oozing across our garden mulch like the beginnings of a horror film. My first thought was, naturally, will it creep into the house through the windows, consume my family and then feed on our brains?


But upon further research, I discovered the culprit — slime mold. I had slime mold in my garden. And not just any kind of slime mold. The kind affectionately known as “dog vomit.”


Like any homeowner, I was thoroughly grossed out and wanted it gone. But like any decent journalist, I needed some pictures first. Plus, I had no idea what to do with the stuff. Was it dangerous? Was it harmful to touch? To breathe? So I took a trek to my local garden shop for guidance. Read More