Home mold problems up in wake of wet summer

Mold and rust on the wall

Mold and rust on the wall (Photo credit: Cornell Fungi)


By Sabian Warren, http://www.citizen-times.com


With record rainfall in the mountains this spring and summer, experts say it’s a good idea to check your home’s basement or crawl space for an unwelcome and stealthy intruder – mold.


Area home repair companies that tackle mold problems report a sharp increase in the number of cases, which are usually caused by water that seeps underneath homes and – in some cases – goes undetected by the occupants for some time.


“We’ve seen a 100 percent increase in the last month,” Sharon Green, owner of Paul Davis Restoration in Fletcher, said of her July calls for service related to water damage and mold. “It’s something that, unfortunately, people don’t look at a lot. Most people don’t go in their crawl space.”


Experts say indoor mold can cause respiratory problems for people who are in close proximity, and the dampness that mold needs to thrive, if left unchecked, can lead to structural damage in a home. Read More



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