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Science gets silly for fundraising

MorgancornOnce again QuanTEM Labs has taken on the task of raising money for Oklahoma City’s Infant Crisis Center during the holidays. The lab staff is divided into teams and each team competes to raise the most money during the rush towards the QuanTEM Christmas Party on December 13th.

The competition was fierce this year as teams went the extra mile to one-up each other in order to bring in the most cash for the cause.

Team 3 Gentlemen & a Lady started off strong by offering raffle tickets for the chance to smash a pie in the face of Jeff, Steven, or Jim for the nominal fee of $1. Needless to say, oppressed lab techs jumped at this opportunity giving the team a strong early lead.

Darth CarterSandy Dragon

Not to be outdone, Team Winning Team began to offer chances to smash a pie in Chemistry Tech, Carter’s face as well as letting their faces be painted throughout the month – all in the name of helping infants, and winning of course.

Team Tinsel Hoof hatched a scheme to raise $100 by promising that Microbiologist, Morgan would dress like a unicorn for a day once the goal was met. People really seemed to embrace the idea of helping Moran live out her lifelong dream of donning a unicorn snuggie, much to her chagrin.

With only a week left until the party Team Starry Night decided to up the ante by offering crafted sock snowmen for sale at the front desk.

CristalAll three teams are spending the last few days leading up to the party doing everything in their power to raise the most money. Members of the winning team will be entered into a drawing at the Christmas party, while losers will have to endure a full year of mockery at the hands of the winning team. At this point it is still very much anybody’s game.

Ultimately the real winner will be the Infant Crisis Center, since all money collected by the teams will be matched by QuanTEM before being donated to help local families.Infant Crisis Logo

New antifungal composition effectively inhibits a wide variety of fungi

Provided by Asociación RUVID, AlphaGalileo

In order to overcome resistance to antifungal variety of pathogenic fungi and yeast, researchers from the University of Alicante have developed a novel and efficient antifungal composition with pharmacological applications in agriculture and food industry, among others.

The composition, developed and patented by the UA Research Group in Plant Pathology, is based on the combined use of chitosan, or chitosan oligosaccharides (COS), antifungal agents and additives that synergistically affect the growth of a variety of pathogenic fungi.

“Chitosan is a non-toxic biopolymer, biocompatible and naturally degradable, with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties obtained from chitin, the main constituent of hard body parts of invertebrates, such as the shells of shrimp, lobsters, crabs, and other marine crustaceans, and is part of the fungal cell wall”, as explained by lecturer Luis Vicente López Llorca, Director of the UA Research Group in Plant Pathology and head of the research work.

“Because many fungal pathogens develop resistance to prolonged treatment with antifungal drugs, it is desirable to find alternatives for their control in medical, agricultural and those applications in which the fungi cause damage. In clinics, pathogenic fungi resistant to antifungal drugs are a major cause of mortality in patients. Chitosan and the antifungal additives, some based on the identification of molecular targets of chitosan, contribute to produce a novel alternative to control fungal diseases and in particular antifungal resistant strains” López Llorca said. Read More