Workers walk out, warn of black mold at Muskegon hotel

By Alex Shabad,

Mold StrikeThey were disgusted, fed up, and they took to the streets. A half a dozen workers walked out of a Muskegon hotel to warn the public about black mold and other health hazards, that they say are in several rooms.

Anyone can reach a breaking point. For six workers at the Victory Inn and Suites in Muskegon, that time is now.

“I can’t take it no more,” says Alicia Rogers, with housekeeping at the hotel.

“I’m worried about the health of me, the other employees, and our customers,” says Christopher Hill, with maintenance at the hotel.

All the employees say they’ve all tried letting management know about the problems with black mold.

“When brought it to his attention, he told me to stay in my profession,” says Rogers.

So, Alicia Rogers led the group of six workers outside the Victory Inn and Suites, where they could carry their signs, and show the evidence. Rogers sent photos to WZZM 13, which she says show the black mold that’s in several rooms.

“We’ve got 128 that is saturated in black mold,” says Rogers.

“They just asked me yesterday to wipe down a room that had mold growing on a ceiling, to wipe it down so they could rent it out the same night, its disgusting,” says Hill.

The employees say the problems have been going on for at least four months and in just the past month they’ve had three different managers.

“The second one came in was here for a day, packed his bags, and left the next day couldn’t deal with it,” says Hill.

WZZM 13 tried to reach the manager by phone and then inside the hotel, but he had no comment. Read more

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