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January 2010 
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Chinese Drywall Ruining Homes
Lead Poisoning Lawsuit
20th Anniversary Celebration
2009 Christmas Charities
Spring Mold Inspector Training

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Message from John Barnett, President

Friends, it is now 2010, the parties are over, it’s time to get back to work and go forward with the new year. 


I hope everyone enjoyed a happy holiday season.  We had a great Christmas with family, friends and an unusual guest this year, a WHITE CHRISTMAS. 14 inches of snow arrived on Christmas eve.  For some of you this is nothing to talk about but for Oklahoma City it’s a big deal.  Most Okies don’t spend much time driving on the ice and snow. 


When something like this hits it creates havoc and has a lot of drivers stressing out and skidding out.  As you can expect, the roads were packed with stalled cars, some abandoned and some with the drivers trying desperately to get back on the road and home to their families. 


The interesting part was the number of drivers who stopped to help those in trouble.  Everywhere you looked there were people helping to push, pull and shovel fellow travelers’ cars back onto the road.  I’m sure these people have no idea how much of an affect they had on the holidays of those stranded.  Not asking for pay, just out there in the cold lending a helping hand.  Just like in business, life requires we all pitch in to get the job done.

Have a great New Year!

John E. Barnett
QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC

Chinese-made drywall ruining homes, owners say.

Officials are looking into claims that Chinese-made drywall installed in some Florida homes is emitting smelly, corrosive gases and ruining household systems such as air conditioners, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says.

The Florida Health Department, which is investigating whether the drywall poses any health risks, said it has received more than 140 homeowner complaints. And class-action lawsuits allege defective drywall has caused problems in at least three states — Florida, Louisiana and Alabama — while some attorneys involved claim such drywall may have been used in tens of thousands of U.S. homes.

Homeowners’ lawsuits contend the drywall has caused them to suffer health problems such as headaches and sore throats and face huge repair expenses.

The drywall is alleged to have high levels of sulfur and, according to homeowners’ complaints, the sulfur-based gases smell of rotten eggs and corrode piping and wiring, causing electronics and appliances to fail.

To read the full article from, click here

Maryland lead poisoning lawsuit verdict $4 million

 Last week, a Maryland lead poisoning lawsuit resulted in a jury verdict of $2.5 million for a 23 year old man and $1.5 million for his 21 year old sister.  The siblings suffered lead poisoning as a result of flaking lead paint during the 1980s when their family lived in a publicly owned rowhouse in Baltimore City.  Although the verdicts will likely be reduced to $350,000 for each under Maryland damage caps for government entities, the jury verdict reflects the devastating impact lead poisoning can have on a child’s life.  The family lived in a Baltimore City house while the victims were under four years old, and the mother testified that she repeatedly complainted about flaking lead paint in the home which was owned and maintained by the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.  Both plaintiffs were found to have elevated blood lead levels when they were children, which has resulted in continuing symptoms of lead poisoning.

 Lead poisoning is a serious condition with permanent consequences that could result in:

  • Brain Injury
  • Damage to the Nervous System
  • Seizures or Convulsions
  • Decreased Growth Rate
  • Mental Retardation
  • Coma
  • Death
 For the full article, click here.
QuanTEM’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

In 2009 QuanTEM celebrated 20 years in business as the LAB OF CHOICE for environmental professionals nationwide.

One of our grand prizes, a 46″ HDTV was given out this month.
The lucky winner was
Bill Muenker with Enercon, Oklahoma City!
Congratulations Bill & to everyone who helped make our 20th Anniversary Celebration a success.
Our Grand Prize winner will be announced in February’s QuanTEM Chronicle!
QuanTEM Christmas Charities 

2009 was a rough year for just about everyone and even more so for those less fortunate.  Due to the overwhelming need this year, QuanTEM Laboratories diverted resources that we normally reserve for customer gifts to assist two local charities who are desperate for donations. The staff of QuanTEM Laboratories pulled together to support two local organizations that have one basic goal

To Help Those In Need. 


We donated supplies to the Infant Crisis Services of Oklahoma City.  The Infant Crisis Services believes every baby and toddler deserves life’s basic necessities. They rely 100% on donations and receive no state or city funding.  We applaud their service to our city and were more than excited to be able to donate to their cause so that they could help even more infants and toddlers. 


 The second organization,

Sister BJ’s Pantry currently serves over 600 men, women, and children a week. 

Anyone in need is welcome.  Pantry patrons include people who are without shelter and many who are struggling with poverty and loneliness. 

The QuanTEM staff recognizes Sister BJ’s Pantry for their generous assistance to those less fortunate in our community.

 Spring Mold Investigator Training
April 7-9 2010

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
Barbara’s Corner
Each month, I will post my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers and tips that will help you save time and money.  


QuanTem Laboratories is celebrating our 21st year of service to our clients. I want to make the next years even better.  I want to insure that the level of service our customers receive is the best in the industry. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to talk with many of you on a regular basis. You have provided me with many useful tools that enable me to enhance our service to you.
I would like to give this opportunity to all of those that I don’t speak to on a regular basis. Please take a few minutes to fill out this Customer Satisfaction Survey and send it in to me by mail, email, fax or just call me. I will send you

one of  3 mystery gifts!
I thank you in advance for all of your ideas and suggestions.

1.  How would you rate QuanTem’s customer service?

2.  How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with Quantem Laboratories

3.  How likely are you to refer your colleagues to us.

4.  What do you like most about QuantEM  Laboratories.

5.  What suggestions do you have to improve QuanTem Laboratories



Would you like to ask me a question?  Email me here.  

Barbara Holder has been with QuanTEM since October 2004 as our Customer Relations Manager.  Barbara plays an active supervisory role with all customer interactions with QuanTEM.

Barbara’s Corner Produced & Edited by:
Barbara Holder, Customer Service Manager
QuanTEM Chronicle Newsletter

Produced & Edited by:
Scott Leavell, Business Development Director
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