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January 2014

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In This Issue
Make your home healthy in the new year
Manufacturers lose $1.1B lead paint suit
Geologists find natural asbestos fibers in Nevada
The mold wins: middle school to close
Asbestos fears follow in the wake of cyclone
Bolstering a Link Between Alzheimer’s and Lead Exposure

Barbara’s Corner


Containment “the act of preventing the spread of something.”

The purpose of enclosing a sample in a sealed Ziplock bag is to contain any harmful material e.g., asbestos fibers, mold spores, etc.

This containment is nullified when it is punctured by a staple. Please do not use staples when preparing samples to be delivered to the lab for analysis.

Call Me: 1-800-822-1650
Asbestos Spotlight

Chrysotile asbestos
Chrysotile is the only member of the serpentine class. Serpentine fibers are curly and appear under the microscope as a white fiber.

Chrysotile is more flexible than amphibole types of asbestos, and can be spun and woven into fabric. This versatility has lead to it being used more than any other type of asbestos and it accounts for about 95% of the asbestos found in buildings in America.

Its most common use has been in corrugated asbestos cement roof sheets typically used for outbuildings, warehouses and garages. It may also be found in sheets or panels used for ceilings and sometimes for walls and floors. Chrysotile has been a component in joint compound and some plasters. Numerous other items have been made containing chrysotile, including brake linings, fire barriers in fuseboxes, pipe insulation, floor tiles, and gaskets for high temperature equipment

From our Facebook
  Dateline   |  January 06, 2014 'Breathless' part 1 ‘Breathless’ part 1
Dateline   |  January 06, 2014

Six-year old Amanda, who lives in Brownsville, New York and 12-year old Melissa, who lives in East Harlem, New York are struggling with the disease. Their parents, who are desperately trying to alleviate their suffering, and are about to make a devastating discovery. View the video here.
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John’s View

John Barnett, President
John Barnett, President

Hello friends,

One of the most difficult tasks for any business is to differentiate yourself from your competition. When everyone says they are the best at everything, who do you believe? In the past my experience dealing with labs was very unsatisfactory as they continually provided results on their schedule instead of mine.

Twenty years ago when I took over QuanTEM we made it our mission to support our clients by helping them support their clients. QuanTEM’s success is totally dependent upon our clients being successful. With this in mind we instituted a tracking system to ensure our reports are correct and delivered on time, (at the time our clients request and not just whenever we get around to it). Every Monday morning we meet and go over the reports from the past week and highlight any report which was late, whether an hour or a day. The lab’s manager must explain what caused the problem and how it was rectified. This appears to be working. In 2012 98.6 % of reports were issued on time. Last year in 2013, 99% of our reports were sent on time.

To meet our client’s needs requires a lot of daily hard work by our staff. I am excited to be working with the caliber of people who are willing to put in the extra effort to make this possible.

Everyone here at QuanTEM appreciates the loyalty of our customers and we will continue to work diligently to earn your business.

Our sincerest thanks,

John Barnett

Make your home healthy in the new year

By Tom Phelan, ReminderNews

We all worry at some time about our own health and that of our family members. Part of thinking about our health also means thinking about how healthy our home environment is. When we move into a new home, just getting everything stored and functional is the main concern. We might leave health concerns to a later date, and perhaps even overlook them completely.


The Centers for Disease Control has a checklist for healthy homes that is quite extensive and goes to something of an extreme. Many of the things listed there have been covered in this column at one time or another. Here’s a review of some of the things I think are most important – a “short list” of things you can check pretty quickly. Read More

Manufacturers lose $1.1B lead paint suit

By Joel Rosenblatt and Jack Kaskey, BLOOMBERG NEWS

Sherwin-Williams Co., NL Industries Inc. and ConAgra Grocery Products LLC were ordered by a judge to pay $1.1 billion to replace or contain lead paint in millions of homes after losing a public-nuisance lawsuit brought by 10 California cities and counties.

Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg in San Jose, California, yesterday tentatively ruled against the companies after a non-jury trial that lasted about five weeks. Two other defendants, Atlantic Richfield Co., a Los Angeles-based unit of BP Plc, and Wilmington, Delaware-based DuPont Co., won dismissal of the claims against them.

The local governments that sued, including Los Angeles County and the cities of San Diego and San Francisco, broke the companies’ streak of victories in similar suits in seven other states. Los Angeles County will get $605 million for lead abatement in the ruling.
Read More

Geologists find natural asbestos fibers in Nevada

By Henry Brean, Las Vegas Review-Journal

UNLV science professors Rodney Metcalf, rear, and Brenda Buck examine rocks for naturally occurring asbestos in southeastern Boulder City, Nev.
Steve Andrascik/Las Vegas Review-Journal

Removing asbestos from an old building can be hazardous and expensive. So what happens if the ground outside is covered with the stuff for miles around?


That’s what a team of UNLV geologists is trying to figure out after the surprise discovery of potentially toxic, asbestos-type minerals in rocks and dust from Boulder City to the southeastern edge of the Las Vegas Valley.


University of Nevada, Las Vegas geology professor Brenda Buck said this marks the first discovery of naturally occurring asbestos fibers in Southern Nevada.


A peer-reviewed study detailing the find was published last month in the journal of the Soil Science Society of America.


So how worried should everyone be? Read More

The mold wins: middle school to close

By Jessica Parks, Inquirer Staff Writer

Cheltenham School District officials announced a plan Monday to close Cedarbrook Middle School as early as Jan. 27, splitting its 750 students among four other campuses in the township.

Cedarbrook has been dealing with mold problems for a decade, and they spun out of control this summer. The school opened two weeks late in September as crews swept the building, and since then 12 classrooms and the cafeteria have had mold recurrences and are now closed.


At a meeting with parents Monday night, Superintendent Natalie Thomas said there was no more time to delay.


“There’s no amount of money that will prevent this from happening again in the spring or sooner,” Thomas said, noting that the leaky roof is already loaded with snow. Read More

Asbestos fears follow in the wake of cyclone

By Leanne Nicholson,

The cyclonic winds and pelting rain may have passed by Western Australia’s Pilbara and Kimberley regions, however, ex-tropical cyclone Christine has exposed a fresh yet familiar danger for residents to contend with.


Asbestos in buildings, fencing and other building products dislodged or damaged during the wild weather now pose an additional health risk to Pilbara residents if they are exposed to the cancer-causing material.


Slater and Gordon asbestos lawyer Laine McDonald issued the warning to residents of the risks of asbestos exposure during the cleaning up of properties, homes and businesses battered by Christine.


“Once asbestos is disturbed, it can pose a real danger to health,” Ms McDonald said. Read More

Bolstering a Link Between Alzheimer’s and Lead Exposure

By Julia Calderone,

Researchers striving to understand the origins of dementia are building the case against a possible culprit: lead exposure early in life. A study spanning 23 years has now revealed that monkeys who drank a lead-rich formula as infants later developed tangles of a key brain protein, called tau, linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Though neuroscientists say more work is needed to confirm the connection, the research suggests that people exposed to lead as children-as many in America used to be before it was eliminated from paint, car emissions, water, and soil-could have an increased risk of the common, late-onset form of Alzheimer’s disease.


Even in small doses, lead can wreak havoc on the heart, intestines, kidneys, and nervous system. Children are especially prone to its pernicious effects, as it curbs brain development. Many studies have linked early lead exposure with lower IQs. Researchers estimate that one in 38 children in the United States still have harmful levels of the metal in their systems, but evidence linking this exposure to dementia later in life has been tenuous. Read More

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