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Mold Controlled Robot is the stuff of Science Fiction and Nightmares

The wet summer months have seen a marked increase in mold throughout the country. Last month we shared a story about something called slime mold which was proving itself a nuisance to homeowners as it took over their yards.

At a recent Living Machines conference in London, researchers at the University of the West of England in Bristol shared a robotic face they had programmed to respond to electronic signals emitted by the spongy yellow blobs.

When the mold moves towards a food source, the robotic face registers a positive expression. When light is introduced and the mold recoils the face looks upset.

“The robot aspect was incorporated as a technology showcase, essentially to show that we can take data from biology and link it to robots,” the university’s Dr. Ella Gale said in a Huffington Post article . “We found that we could pick up and differentiate what the slime mold was doing in response to stimuli, such as light.”

Check out the video to see the robot respond to different stimuli, and possibly fuel a few of your upcoming nightmares.