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IAQA Transition – The Future is Bright!

donald weekes photo-Special contribution by IAQA Immediate Past President, Don Weekes

Most of you have heard that IAQA is in the process of a transition with our new partner, ASHRAE.  It has been my honor to serve on the Transition Team on behalf of IAQA along with Don Herrmann, Eva King, and Kent Rawhouser.  John Barnett of QuanTEM Laboratories asked me to write a short article on the transition and what it means to all IAQA members.

It has been a real learning experience for me to see how another professional organization works. ASHRAE’s volunteers and staff have been very helpful in the transition, and I personally look forward to a bright future for IAQA as it partners with ASHRAE.  In this article, I will outline what has already been accomplished, and what remains to be done.

Each Tuesday, the Transition Teams of both IAQA and ASHRAE meet by teleconference with staff to discuss the previous week’s event, and what is planned for the upcoming week. These meetings were critically important in July and August because we had a deadline of August 15th for the transition of the IAQA association management from A&A Communications to ASHRAE. With help from all parties, we met that deadline with little in the way of hitches. For most members, there was a change of street and web addresses and phone numbers that were posted on all appropriate web pages and correspondence. However, there was little else that changed, with the continuation of the great membership service we have all come to expect. I was pleased to note that the IAQA Digest continued each week, and ASHRAE staff was answering the phones and emails from IAQA members in a timely fashion. The transition was as smooth as possible.

For now, ASHRAE staff is providing organizational management for IAQA. This has helped with our planning for the March 2015, Annual IAQA Conference and Expo.  All members will be receiving notifications shortly regarding registration and details on the program. I expect that, under Convention Committee Chair Eva King, we can expect a terrific conference and expo with lots of interesting and exciting presentations. Please plan to attend!

The IAQA and ASHRAE Transition Teams will be meeting in early November to discuss, negotiate, and finalize an agreement between the two organizations. I can say that it is both Teams’ intention that this agreement will be signed as soon as possible so that both organizations can begin to work together on items of common interest. At the meeting, the Teams will discuss the future of IAQA, including the tremendous opportunities for both organizations. As much as IAQA is looking forward to working with ASHRAE, I can assure you that ASHRAE is looking forward to working with the members of IAQA. They are looking forward to tapping into our expertise in indoor air quality, mold, residential buildings, and remediation. With their expertise in mechanical engineering and HVAC systems, this is a great combination for the members of both organizations to learn from each other. This has already begun at some of our Chapters in both organizations where IAQA and ASHRAE members have networked and begun the dialogue.

In my view, this partnership is the best of all outcomes for IAQA. We remain an independent member-based professional organization with the support of another professional organization that has the resources to help IAQA realize all of its potential. I believe that ‘The future is bright’ and the best is yet to come.

Please contact any members of the IAQA Transition Team with any questions or comments that you have. We look forward to hearing from you! Click here for a list of IAQA Officers and Directors.