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QuanTEM’s Christmas Fundraiser – Bringing joy to OKC Foster Families

AngelsFFN_OKC_Logo1.jpg1Each year around Christmas the staff at QuanTEM works to raise money for a local charitable organization. This year’s recipient is the Angels Foster Family Network of OKC. Angels is a private foster child placing agency in Oklahoma County, rescuing children who have often been traumatized while living in emergency shelters or in a series of short term foster homes after being abused, neglected, or abandoned by their parents.

This year QuanTEM employees engaged in a multitude of activities, including; bake sales, card games, prize drawings and coin drops, in order to raise money. Some employees even went above and beyond by agreeing to dress-up in costume when benchmarks were reached. The money raised by employees will be matched by QuanTEM and donated to Angels as a Christmas gift.

Unicorn Morgan

Morgan Lane – Microbiologist

Thank you to everyone who participated, especially these brave souls.

Unicorn Gayle

Gayle Ooten – Asbestos Analyst










We raised $1305 this year. QuanTEM will match that total so the Angels Foster Family Network will be receiving a $2610 donation. Way to go team!

Scott Tutu

Scott Keeling – Food Tech

Rogers County Courthouse mold is being eradicated

By RHETT MORGAN World Staff Writer

CLAREMORE — County officials have hired a Catoosa company to begin mold remediation from an office in the Rogers County Courthouse, according to County Clerk Peggy Armstrong.
Worldwide Restoration Inc. this week began removing drywall and carpeting from the second-floor chambers of Associate District Judge Sheila Condren, said Arthur Mathews, the maintenance supervisor for the courthouse.Initial repairs are estimated at $6,000, Armstrong said.
The whole story at the Tulsa World

Excellent paper on mold allergy by the Mayo Clinic

by Shawn Garza

The well-respected Mayo Clinic has released a paper on mold allergies that contains a wealth of information on the subject.  Topics include:

  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Causes
  • Risk Factors
  • When to Seek Medical Advice
  • and more

At QuanTEM Laboratories, we believe that mold in the home or business can cause allergic reactions, but should not be a cause for fear.  It’s always best to call in a professional mold inspector and insure that any mold-like substance be tested by an accredited laboratory prior to any remediation activity.

This excellent paper by the Mayo Clinic can be viewed for free HERE

New ASTM Standard Provides Asbestos Guidance

New ASTM Standard Provides Asbestos Guidance

A new American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International standard offers guidance for using asbestos testing data and helps define the extent of asbestos contamination in surface dust.

The standard, ASTM D 7390, Guide for Evaluating Asbestos in Dust on Surfaces by Comparison Between Two Environments, can assist building owners as they consider whether one area of a building has more asbestos in the dust than another area….

Learn more at

Moving beyond the status quo: Hexavalent Chromium, a New Standard

Heather Carter Seal
Metals Analyst
QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Is it just me or does it seems like everyday looking around our world, we are finally taking much needed steps to move beyond our status quo? From the move to organic meat and produce, the way we power our homes or our cars, our attitudes toward tobacco…things, they are a-changing. And yet it seems as though we are moving reluctantly forward. Cigarettes have long been known to cause cancer but only in recent years have actions (read as lawsuits) by individuals and our government taken the necessary steps to move forward: providing incentive plans to those who want to quit, protecting our indoor air quality and thus our national health. In a similar way, with the threat to our economy and national security we are only now seriously and begrudgingly looking forward, beyond petroleum, for a way to power our automobiles. We are many years past the gasoline shortages of 1976, but the fuel economy of our cars and that increasingly common pain in our wallets is finally leading us to drive smaller more fuel efficient and even hybrid vehicles. This too is the story of hexavalent chromium exposure for workers all over our United States.…..

You can download the entire paper in .pdf format from the link below.

Hex Chrome White Paper

Mold Investigator Training Course to be held in Oklahoma City

QuanTEM Laboratories is holding its twice-yearly Mold Investigator Training Course in Oklahoma City, OK, April 2-4, 2008. Click the image below for more details!

Asbestos exposure will kill 300 workers a year: survey

Illness in B.C. from deadly fibres epidemic, union says

Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun

Published: Tuesday, February 05, 2008

About 300 construction workers in B.C. will die of asbestos-related diseases each year for the next five years, according to a survey by the B.C. and Yukon Building and Construction Trades Council.

The survey, which among other things concluded that workers in the province’s insulation industry have had heavy exposure to the deadly asbestos fibres, is supported by a Canadian physician involved in mesothelioma research and a professor in the University of B.C.’s school of environmental health.

WorkSafeBC also said Monday that although their claim numbers aren’t as high as those in the survey, asbestos-related deaths are spiking and now represent most of the deaths in B.C. from occupational disease.

For the whole story visit The Vancouver Sun

QuanTEM’s Blog is Launched

Thank you for visiting QuanTEM Laboratories’ Blog. As this blog grows, we will be compiling news, opinions and other helpful content for the Indoor Air Quality professional.

We won’t keep this strictly science. We believe that if we help our customers become more successful in their businesses, we will along with them. Therefore, we will be some business and marketing articles specifically for those in the Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene industries.

Check back often, because we will be updating this blog regularly.

Thank you again for visiting.