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Tips for Parents: Help Your Kids Avoid Lead Exposure

By Lindsey Burnworth,

The Center for Disease Control released a new study that said 1 in 38 kids is affected by lead poisoning each year.
But did you know there’s some simple things you can do to make sure your kids aren’t at risk?

Something as simple as giving your kids a diet high in iron can put them at less of a risk for lead poisoning. That’s because if your kids have enough iron in their bodies, it’ll actually fight off the lead buildup on their organs.

If you have an old home, there could be paint on the walls that contains lead. That means if you’re taking the paint off your walls to redecorate, you need to be careful of what your kids breathe in. Those toxins could become airborne once you start chipping away at the paint.
Another place lead is often found is in pipes. To avoid exposure, always cook with cold water. Hot water will actually take the lead with it, and if you cook with it or your kids drink it., they could be at risk.
“I think the worst thing that could happen, if it’s not a severe lead poisoning, but just the mild kind, which is probably more common, is as a child gets older, they don’t develop very well, and they’re not doing well in school and it just really affects their mental abilities,” said pediatrician Dr. Mary Boyd.

If you suspect your kids could have high levels of lead in their bodies, doctors suggest getting them tested because that’s the only way you’ll know for sure. Read More